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Welcome to Save Our Animals DRC

Save Our Animals Association

Save our animals is an association active in the Democratic Republic of Congo in animal protection since 2014 and is recognized as a public utility by the Congolese government.

The main objective of the association is to improve relations between humans and animals, taking into account their mutual well-being and the place of animals in society. Save Our Animals has its own shelter for lost, seized or abandoned dogs and cats.


All animal life has the right to respect. 

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Save our Animals

Make Animal Protection a key concern of our society, improve the relationship between humans and animals, while taking into account their mutual well-being and the place of animals in society.

Save Our Animals acts on the one hand by proposing initiatives and positive awareness-raising actions and, on the other hand, by managing a shelter for found, abused or abandoned dogs and cats, which does not practice euthanasia.

Each year, more than 500 animals are saved by the shelter and more than ten events or campaigns are carried out. The shelter permanently houses and cares for around 200 dogs and cats.

Area of activity of the association:

  • Shelter for dogs and cats;

  • Controls and interventions in cases of abuse;

  • Young Animal Friends Club

  • Public awareness of the animal cause;

  • Social reintegration


The refuge is located in the group of Mudusa, village of Cirhagabwa, 8km from the city of Bukavu. Built, the refuge is spread over one hectare, leaving room for the cattery and dog enclosure.

Often, dogs and cats arrive at the shelter in a deteriorated health and/or emotional state. It is then up to us to put them back on their feet by providing them with the care adapted to each one.

11 employees work full time to take care of the animals.

The shelter generally welcomes around 100 dogs and 40 cats throughout the year.

Each year, no less than 80 dogs and cats find a new family.

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Do you want to sponsor a dog or cat from the shelter?

Do you have a crush on a dog from the shelter but you can't adopt it or be a foster family? You can sponsor it! With 20 € per month you can meet part of his food and veterinary needs. So let your heart speak...

Sponsorship is a more concrete form of financial donation. It allows you to specifically sponsor an animal or a cage.

By becoming godfather or godmother of a dog or a cat from the shelter, you receive information about the animal and we keep you informed of its evolution at the shelter, in particular via a Facebook group.

  Sponsoring an animal costs €20 per month.

  Sponsoring a cage costs €400 per year.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact au 0995939798  or by email at

For security and organizational reasons, it is not possible, in normal times, to come and take out the dog you are sponsoring or to be in contact with the chosen cat. We organize one day per year reserved for godfathers and godmothers for this purpose.

For more information,  contact us

Our advices

Have you just adopted an animal from our shelter or need advice?

Don't worry, we're here to support you and answer your questions!


How to adopt?

For any adoption, the Refuge is open from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday, Sunday included as well as on public holidays (for puppies only: Wednesdays and Saturdays). Proof of address and ID will be required.

We do not sell animals. The payment requested during an adoption is not a sale price but a financial contribution to the operation of the shelter in order to allow the care of all the animals collected.




Since 2020, Animal-Kind International has been supporting our shelter work.


Since 2016 Ecospirituality Foundation supports our Association. Without them, the animals in our shelter would have no food and many animals would not have received life-saving treatment.

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