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Temporary Replacement Fence and Perimeter Wall

In early March of this year, the shelter's perimeter fence blew down. The fence served a few very important purposes: It enabled the dogs to be out of their enclosures all day, but kept safely within the SnA property; it kept possible trespassers out, and protected the property and animals from outsiders who may have bad intentions; and it controlled erosion at the rear of the property, where SnA backs up to a steep cliff. Prior to placement of the fence, landslides and mudslides had destroyed the shelter's cattery and dog pens. 

We are in desperate need of repairing and replacing the fence NOW!

For our future, we would like to construct a permanent wall.

We are hoping you will support this project. For us and our cats and dogs, it's not just a wall, but it's critical for keeping everyone and everything at the shelter safe. Until we again can secure our shelter, we will be unable to move forward with our other important project...a vet clinic. 

March 9 fence blew over.jpg
March 9 fence blew over 4.jpg

Vet Clinic

Sauvons nos Animaux seeks to improve the lives and welfare of community dogs in Bukavu town and surrounding villages. In addition to our shelter, one of the most important steps we feel we can take to do this is to have a modern, well-run veterinary clinic to increase sterilization efforts and provide medical care to more dogs in the area. The drawing to the right is illustrative of the clinic we hope to build on the site of our shelter.

Dogs cared for by our organization will have access to ongoing health care, including sterilization, and staff will work in safe and sanitary conditions. It will be open to the public for low cost veterinary care.

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