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What is the Youth Club?

The Youth Club is one way we raise awareness among young people to improve the fate of all animals and fight against mistreatment. It is a strong commitment of the SnA because it is fundamental to train and educate the adults of tomorrow to know and understand animals in order to respect and protect them. It is one of the major tools in the fight against abuse and abandonment.

To fulfill this mission, the SnA runs the Youth Club within its shelter with the aim of raising young people's awareness of animal welfare and animal protection.

Defending a cause is also the beginning of a life as an engaged citizen. The SnA, through its Youth Club, allows children to respond to a passion and, possibly to begin a career in animal protection or in other related fields.


The Youth Club meets during the week at the shelter. They interact with the cats and dogs and help with shelter task. As funds allow, they receive a meal before they are sent home. Many of the children who have participated in the Youth Club have continued to volunteer at the shelter and some of them have even been hired as shelter staff!


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