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In Bukavu I saw these stray dogs, dead or almost dead, who had been thrown into the ravines every day. And then the young people in the middle decided to start knocking them down by throwing stones at them and one evening I saw a man kicking a puppy in the street, for no reason, the puppy cried out, I tried to ban it, but the person attacked me with a bladed weapon, I managed to go home with the puppy. My life kind of changed that day.

I realized that if I were to die somehow, my biggest regret would be not doing more to help animals. It's like I had no choice. it is a mandate for my soul. I've always loved dogs: I started adopting a few strays at home and since my parents couldn't stand an overpopulation of dogs at home anymore, I had to look for a place to shelter them. But what is more important: until now is to imagine what my life will be like. I don't know what it will look like, but for the moment I am responsible for a large refuge built by friends who have understood my fight. I take care of animals, wash dogs, walk dogs, help rescue strays. I take care of the puppies to replace the mother they lost and give them love. I tell anyone who hears about sterilization, that it is very important because there are thousands of homeless dogs in Bukavu and the population is constantly increasing. I do my best to achieve my goal. When I'm with the animals at the shelter, I feel like I can't go home anymore, there's so much work to do. I want to help people connect with animals and understand the value of the animal as a living being and how they feel pain and joy like us and when I talk about the shelter and the furry eighties we have, some people ask us if we have a Maltese, German Shepherd or some other breed, and I have to tell them that a great dog doesn't have to come from a fancy breeder or lineage, .des Amazing dogs are all around us, and at the end of the day, they all want love. That's all I try to do: give a little more love to as many dogs and cats as possible and try to get others to do the same.


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