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Sauvons nos Animaux

Make animal protection a key concern of our society, improve the relationship between humans and animals, while taking into account their mutual well-being and the place of animals in society.

Sauvons nos Animaux acts on the one hand by supporting positive awareness-raising actions and, on the other hand, by managing a shelter for found, abused, and abandoned dogs and cats. Unless it is the only option to prevent suffering, Sauvons nos Animaux does not practice euthanasia.

Each year, more than 150 animals are saved by the shelter and more than 10 events or campaigns are carried out.

Area of activity of the association:

  • Shelter for dogs and cats

  • Intervene in cases of abuse

  • Social reintegration of dogs and cats into their communities

  • Young Animal Friends Club

  • Public awareness of the animal cause

  • Animal Friendly Kids Vacation Camp


The refuge is located in Mudusa, village of Cirhagabwa, 8 km from the city of Bukavu. It is spread over one hectare, and consists of a cattery and dog enclosures, leaving plenty of room for the dogs to roam around.

Often, dogs and cats arrive at the shelter in a deteriorated health and/or emotional state. It is then up to us to put them back on their feet by providing them with the care each one needs to recover physically and emotionally. All dogs get a chance to move about the refuge during the day and are not required to remain in their enclosures. This helps them become socialized to other dogs and people who work at and visit the shelter. There are plenty of shady spots for dogs to hide and rest, and there are areas for play.

Seven employees work full time to take care of the animals.

The shelter usually houses around 100 dogs and 40 cats at any one time during the year.

Each year, no fewer than 80 dogs and cats find a new family.

Animal protection and refuge in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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