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Puppy development and integration into the home

When the puppy is born, it is strongly attached to its mother. As in Man, she will educate him and transmit to him all the basics of education. Learn to discover the environment around him without apprehension, communicate with his peers, control his behavior. After a while, when the mother feels it, the puppy gradually detaches, this is called “weaning”. This step is crucial for the future development of the puppy who will have to start integrating into a future group. Weaning is an important stage in the life of the puppy, and must be completely natural. If the human intervenes and prematurely breaks this process, the puppy ends up attaching itself too quickly to the human or ends up developing on its own, without guidance or control.

When he arrives at your home, your puppy may be a little lost and the first nights are generally difficult. It's completely normal, he has just left his mother and his siblings, and arrives in a new house with new faces that he does not know. There are questions to ask! It is important that his arrival is smooth, show him attention and make yourself available. Privilege z A time when you can be sufficiently present at home (holidays, weekends) to adapt it. Thus, he will feel less alone and your presence will soothe him.

Provide him with a toy that he can chew on to occupy himself and de-stress. During the first few nights, the puppy may whine. The trick is to put a hot water bottle under his bed, which will remind him of his mother's warmth and allow him not to wake up every hour. He will feel like he is not alone. It is strongly advised not to place his bedding in one of the bedrooms: he could get used to it and would not understand why you change his place afterwards. Get used to it from the start and don't change, even if it may seem complicated at first.

Finally, let him discover the other members of the family and the rest of the house at his own pace. It is important to devote quiet moments to him, he must understand that you are there, but not constantly and not everyone at the same time. And above all, put your slippers away


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