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Be careful with food: your pet does not eat everything!

Some foods can be toxic to your pet and it is strongly recommended that you do not feed them. Chocolate is dangerous for the dog's body, just like grapes, apple seeds and pears (seedless fruits can be given to him). Even if you have a habit of giving it to him from time to time, it is better to stop. In addition, sugar is very bad for dogs, which creates diabetes and cataracts in the animal. Avoid industrial cakes (madeleines, four quarters, ladyfingers, etc.) for your pet's health. Favor foods such as apples, pears, raw and cooked zucchini, salad, crewson, endive, tomatoes (the fruit and its seeds), oranges and clementines. They are healthier and your dog will love them for sure! As for the dog, avoid giving chocolate, grapes and fake sugar which are toxic for your cat, can create intoxication or diabetes. Fruit, raw pork and poultry meat or even milk (and yes, this is a misconception!) are also to be banned. Give more preference to well-cooked “plain” vegetables (zucchini, sweet potato, carrots and peas), rice, cooked meat and fish (without bones!). Obviously, these foods do not constitute a balanced and complete diet for the animal and must remain exceptional. It is advisable to feed your animal with suitable, appropriate and recommended food (kibbles, mash), respecting the quantities indicated.


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