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The animals won't eat in December, Paterne is exhausted.

One of the starvation-stricken animals at the shelter

I have been trying to change the situation of animals in the Democratic Republic of Congo for years, I work like crazy, I collect a lot of animals, I castrate and I sterilize… Animals are my life, but I I sometimes feel that all my efforts are in vain because the situation takes a long time to move and the obstacles are omnipresent.

At the moment, the funding for the shelter is almost nil, we are terribly short of food, medicine, and donations, and volunteers and staff are not paid...

Even if I would like to be able to manage everything on my own, it is impossible, it is too difficult. I have exhausted my resources, my energy, my money, absolutely everything. To be able to achieve this, we all have to put our hands in the dough, whoever has the know-how can share it with us, and whoever has nothing can just share on Facebook...There is only like that we can hope to get out of it and continue to save animals.”



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