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  • when can we meet the volunteers of the association?
    • During collections • Adoption • Host family • Rescues • Dropouts
  • What species can we adopt at Save Our Animals?
    Dogs and cats
  • Can I adopt the animal temporarily housed in a foster family?
    the information is on the “Become FA“ page
  • Can I adopt an animal temporarily?
    No, an animal is a living being that needs a family that is committed to caring for it throughout its life.
  • What is sponsorship?
    You contribute financially, with the amount of your choice, to the rescue of the animal and you benefit from privileged information.
  • What documents do I need to provide when adopting?
    proof of residence • Copy of the front / back of the identity document • A financial contribution
  • Are veterinary costs covered by the association when you are a foster family?
  • Is it possible, during an adoption, to carpool the adopted animal with a third person?
  • What to do when you notice a vital emergency for an animal?
    The 17th, precisely describing the situation
  • What to do when an animal seems mistreated?
    evidence (photos, videos, testimonials), contact details of the owners and send the file to Sauvons nos animaux or any other competent association in your sector.
  • What do the animal abuse regulations say?
    All the information on this subject is available in the decree of October 25, 1982, chapter 2 concerning the conditions of detention of a domestic animal
  • Can I sponsor several animals?
  • Am I privileged by sponsoring an animal?
    Yes, you will receive exclusive information, news and photos
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section provides quick answers to frequently asked questions about your business, such as: "Which countries do you ship to?" ", " What are your schedules ? », « How can I book one of your services? FAQs are a great way to help people navigate your site and can even help improve your site's SEO.

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